The Tokyo neighborhood FUTAKO-TAMAGAWA, often called “NIKOTAMA”, has evolved rapidly as a suburban residential and shopping center in recent years.

The old amusement park site, the Futako Tamagawa-en, has been redeveloped and converted into a sophisticated urban area.

Now the Rakuten Headquarters has moved into this area.  Nikotama attract young families because it is a region that has both beautiful natural areas and also a modern urban sense.

Overlooking the Tama-River and Nikotama area

The east side of the area features the Futako-Tamagawa Rise complex, while the Tamagawa Shopping Centre, which opened as the first suburban shopping center in 1969, on the west side.

Please refer to GOURMET TOKYO for restaurant in this area:

"KASHIWA" - Chicken Restaurant

"HINANO"  - Organic Vegetable Restaurant