Summer fruits

Japan has the best fruits in the world (I think).

Although Japanese summer is extremely hot, and humidity and stickiness are terrible, the summer fruits give me a

bit of happiness and energy to survive.

Summer is a great season for fruits!

In summer, we have peaches, grapes, apricots, watermelons, Japanese pears, cherries., etc.

If you have Japanese fruits for the first time, you will be astonished how sweet and juicy they are.

The fruits producers are making their best endeavor to make delicious fruits and quality improvement has been

done continuously to produce better quality and better taste products.

In Japan, we have a custom of sending gifts in summer and winter.

Assorted fruits is a popular gift and those produced for gifts are artistically beautiful in shape and apperance.

One of the famous high class fruits shop " Sembikiya" sells one Japanese melon at 23,000jpy (approx. 230usd).

(From Sembikiya HP)

Those pricey fruits are in a wooden box at a showcase window attracting and giving tourists a surprise.

In supermarkets, we can get much cheaper fruits but the quality is still very good.

When I go abroad and visit supermarket, I can find a lot of colorful and delicious looking fruits that are

beautifully displayed but the quality is so different from the Japanese fruits. 

Well, if you have a chance, have a try and you will see what I mean !

by Yoko Muroga