ARVA, Aman Tokyo

ARVA Italian Restaurant at AMAN TOKYO

ARVA is located off of Aman Tokyo’s soaring lobby, on the 33rd floor of the Otemachi Tower. This is the top of my must-visit lists for several years and we made it to ARVA on New Year's Day. For the most part, it was everything I expected it would be: simple and stylish atmosphere, amazing view across Tokyo’s sprawling metropolis and beyond and wonderful food.

Aside from the awesome view, the service was very good. Our server took the time to explain the menu and was always attentive but never hovered unnecessarily.

As for the food, it was fine Italian cuisine. The restaurant serves course meals only, NATURALE and TERRA. My husband went for NATURALE and I went for TERRA, which includes amuse bouche, starter, fish or meat dish, dessert and petit fours with coffee or tea.

TERRA Yen 8,900.-

The menu in each course changes according to what ingredients are in season. Masakazu Hiraki, Executive Chef creates wonderfully exciting dishes with Italian heritage cooking. Everything were not overly decorative but rather simple heart-warming with flavor.

I was surprised to see the volume of the starter of TERRA course with 6 kinds of meals. The server laughed at me saying, “Please share with your husband.” But no worries. I could easily finish the starter. NATURALE course started with salad with grilled horsemeat.

NATURALE Yen 6,900.-

Next were gnocchi topped with cheese for me, and canderli, speck ham and bread ball for my husband. For our meat dish, chicken with squash sauce and savoy spinach and pork belly balsamic caramellata with taro. Fish meal was sautéed sea bream with lentil and mussel.

Lastly, rich desserts were served. Something like caramel pudding topped with very delicious Italian ice cream was awesome. A cup cake filled with ice cream with meringue topping. Basil sorbet was refreshing.



Aman Tokyo

Otemachi Tower

1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-5224-3333