Kachoan Hiranoya - Dinner Course


First Course:

Apperitif  -  grape sake

Appetiser - A dish of vegetables seasoned in vinegar (sliced persimmons, chriysanthemum,  persimmon mushroom,  wheat gluten)

Au Hors d'oeuvre - Sushi with pomegranate, ginger, grilled yellow tailed rolled with egg plant, boiled shrimp, Somen noodle, Matsutake mushroom, Potate,  Seet omelette,  fried rice craker

Clear broth soup, with ingredients  seasoned with soy sauce and salt   - Crab meat,  Clam, black mushroom and trefoil simmered in a clay bottle pot

Second Course:

   Side dish - Black current Tuna,  White shrimp,  Sashimi sliced fish rolled with Konbu seaweed

Main dish - Hida Beef (sliced and flavored with vinegar,  wasabi miso, Himalayan black salt)

Third Course:

Grilled sea bream with miso in Yuan-style, candied chestnut,  thin omelette cut into strips

Grilled dishes (shrimp and potate, carrot,  sweat potatoes and green vegetables)

Fourth Course:

Miso soup,  Japanese pickles,  rice

Dessert - Pudding with a flavor of roasted tea and strawberry,  Green tea