Canned Food, A Perfect Appetizer

On the way back home, I stopped by the MEIDIYA store in Kyobashi which was reopend after renovations in September.  This is my favourite place because  the products are in good quality and I always find something unique in this shop.  

A variety of canned foods jumped to my eyes.  They occupy a prominent spot near the entrance of the store.  Canned foods are in the spotlight recently.

Canned foods are quick and easily prepared, and perfect snacks to go with wine and SAKE. You can transform this canned foods into a delicious side dish,  if you add a subtle touch to it.

Miso dip in the center is Myojoji Miso, which is available at Fukumitsuya, Tokyo Midtown B1

This miso paste is made of miso, flour, sugar, carrot, mirin and Sake.  It would be nice if you mix with mayonnaise.

Myojoji Miso


This is not a canned food, but I'd like to introduce this Miso paste is really tasty.

I've got it because I like the package design.

Takasawa Jozo Co.,  Ltd. in

Ishikawa Prefecture.

canned salmon dish



Address: 2-2-8 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-3271-1134

Open: 10:00 ~ 21:00

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Kyobashi stationm

Directly connected to EXIT 7.