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*Here are several passages from a recent interview featured in Artsy Travel's " Ask a Local" article.

Unlock Tokyo's Hidden Treasures with Kumiko Kawai: Your Local Insider Guide

Greetings from the heart of Tokyo! Are you ready to embark on a unique journey through this vibrant city, immersing yourself in its rich culture, hidden gems, and the stories that breathe life into its bustling streets?

 In our latest article for the series Ask a Local, we've teamed up with Kumiko Kawai to offer you an insider's perspective on the very best Tokyo has to offer. Kumiko, a Tokyo native and a passionate advocate for the city's culture, has graciously shared her favorite spots, secret hideaways, and personal anecdotes that will make your trip to Tokyo an unforgettable experience.

 From the serene gardens of Asakusa to the bustling streets of Shinjuku, we'll traverse this fascinating metropolis through Kumiko's eyes, discovering the places that only a local truly knows and loves. This article is your ticket to exploring Tokyo beyond the tourist brochures and into the heart of a city brimming with history, tradition, and modernity.

 Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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About Kumiko

A Licensed Guide and Interpreter, Kumiko Kawai introduces Japanese culture and art to visitors in Tokyo. After an early retirement, she obtained a guide license to introduce Japanese art and culture to foreign visitors in Japan. She is also a financial planner.
Kumiko had been an art lover since her childhood, but she only seriously studied Art at Christie’s after her semi-retirement from work. Kumiko loves contemporary art, Japanese ceramics, and sculptures. She holds a Certificate of Completion from Christie’s “Art Business Masterclass” and a MA from New York University, NYU Graduate School of Art and Science. | @kumiko.kawai.528