Japanese Cuisine


On arrival at Niigata station, we went to the Japanese restaurant, “ASAHIYAMA” near the station.

“SHOKADO BENTO” was really delicious, filled with rich local foods. Every dish is delicately flavored, not too strong. In this region, soy sauce and miso are uniquely developed and have become the main taste of the local cuisine.

In Japanese dishes (Washoku), fermented foods are predominantly used and oils and fats are usually used. Fish is rich in minerals and calcium, more than Western dishes. Sake is often used in Japanese foods because it goes well with fermented foods and also remove the odor of raw fish.

Bento box has four parts:

    • Vinegered vegetables – radish and carrot

    • Fried Tofu

    • Sweat dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves

    • Tempura – eggplant, shrimp and fish

    • Salmon broiled with soy sauce, mirin and sake

    • Shrimp broiled with soy sauce and sake,

    • Sweet potatoe

Sliced fish (Sashimi) and shrimp

Miso soup

Steamed egg dishes


JPY1,620+ tax.



LEXN 1 , 1-12-7 Tenjin, Niigata-city, Niigata Pref.

Telephone: 025-278-8230

Open: 11:30- 14:30 & 17:00 – 23:00

There are private rooms (6 people x4, 4 people x 4) and 5 counter seats.