NAGASAKI in Kyushu

NAGASAKI, an exotic cit

With its magnificent harbor setting, meandering street, and beautiful terraced slopes, Nagasaki is an attractive city with an exotic feeling. 

Because of its history of interaction with Europe, there are many sights of interest, most of them reflecting the diverse foreign influences that have shaped Nagasaki.

Large construction works are going on around the JR Nagasaki Station and the football ground is expected to be complete in three years. 

The opening of the West Kyushu Shinkansen Line last autumn adds to the attraction of Nagasaki.

After the Portuguese were expelled from the country in 1638, the Dutch were confined to the tiny island of Dejima. It was the only foreign power permitted to remain throughout Japan’s long period of isolation. 

When we visited Dejima, a guide person explained well about the history and episodes during that time.

Glover House, the setting for opera,

"Madame Butterfly"

26 martyred saints.

Glover Garden

With the reopening of the port to Westerners in the late 19th century, Nagasaki became a prosperous international city. Many of the Western-style residencies that were built during the period survive today in Glover Garden, overlooking Nagasaki harbor. 

The best-known European-style residence is "Glover House". Built in 1863, it was the setting for Puccini’s opera "Madame Butterfly". 

Thomas Glover who was responsible for bringing the first stream locomotive to Japan, was an extraordinary British entrepreneur whose ventures included coal mining, a tea import house, ship repair yards, and the founding of a beer company. Other notable buildings in the park include Ringer House, Walker House.


Oura Catholic Church

The church was built in 1864 under the direction of Bernard Petitjean, a French priest who became the first Bishop of Nagasaki. Impressive stained glass windows were erected in order to serve the foreign community that settled in Nagasaki after the new trade treaties were signed.

It was also intended to honor the city’s 26 martyred saints. Shortly after its foundation, Father Petitean was approached by members of a group of Japanese Christians who had practiced their faith in secret and at risk for over 200 years. 

Classed as National Treasure, Oura Church is one of the oldest churches in Japan and the country’s earliest Gothic wooden structure. 

Most impressive was that Nagasaki is a city with many slopes. Many houses are built on the slopes of the hill.

I will visit there when the  JR station building and foosball ground are complete in the next three years.