The view from our hotel room

Moji is located in the northern part of Kyushu.  The port made a great contribution to the modernization of Japan in the early 1900, serving as a port of transportation of coal. MOJIKO flourished in the late Meiji Period, the Taisho and the early Showa Period.  Now it attracts many visitors who come to see many architectural structures of the Meiji and Taisho Period.

 Detox water and iced tea in the lobby

The former Moji Customs Building, built in 1912

The Kanmon Bridge, linking the islands of Honshu and Kyushu over the Kanmon Strait.  This is the place where a great historical sea battles were fought when Samurai were gaining power.  In the Battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185, Genji and Heishi clans struggled for power. The head of Genji (Minamoto Yoritomo) won the battle and went on to found the Kamakura Shogunate, the first feudal military government in 1192.

 Premier Hotel Mojiko

The former Osaka Mitsui O.S.L Line building was constructed in 1917 and now houses two galleries.


How to get to MOJIKO:

By air/bus/train

I flew with Starflyer which offers direct flight from Haneda Airport to Kitakyushu Airport, which takes about 1hr 40 min.  Direct buses connect to the JR Kokura Station (40 minutes, 620 Yen one way). From there, you can take the JR Kagoshima Line to  MOJIKO station. It took about 14 minutes and costs 280 Yen.