A Japanese Brand

A “Japanese Brand”: Craftmanship Inherited through Many Generations


A pop-up event featuring Japanese fine crafts is being held at gallery de kasuga (gdk) in Omotesando from May 1 through May 30. In advance of that, gdk held a reception to introduce and promote Japan brands to international market.


Six fine products curated from all over Japan were on display. These were ASAHIYAKI pottery, Laurett’s pens, DOMYO Japanese braiding, SUSgallery metalworks, HAKUICHI gold leaf, and hide k 1896 carbon-based textiles.


Gdk aims to establish a “Japanese brand,” for which Dr. Kasuga Hideyuki curated the high-quality crafts and organized the event.


Many of these creators are proud of a long history, and their expert craftmanship has been inherited and maintained for many generations.


gallery de kasuga

Path Omotesando A 1F

5-6-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 150-0001


ASAHIYAKI pottery—Uji, Kyoto, since 1600


The elegant ASAHIYAKI teacups caught our eye with their beautiful blue color. They are a perfect fit for a modern lifestyle.


The ASAHIYAKI kiln is located in Uji, near Kyoto (the center of Japanese green tea culture), and its products have been appreciated by famous warriors and aristocrats for over 400 years.


Matsubayashi Hosai XVI, the master potter, inherited the tradition and creates teacups and pitchers for tea ceremonies with the distinctive ASAHIYAKI aesthetic sense while incorporating a contemporary style. 


Laurett’s pens—Suwa, Nagano[KB1] , since 2007


Laurett’s brush and fountains pens are stylish and pleasant to the touch. This is a must-have item for the businesspeople of the world.


The Stealthread fountain and brush pen series was born of collaboration between Maruyasu Seiki’s metal cutting technology and Kaimei’s Indian ink technology.


Maruyasu has long been engaged in providing the dials and knobs used for luxury cars and home electrics. More recently, Maruyasu created the Laurett’s pen brand using their excellent cutting technology.


Mr. Nagamine Takehiro, Director of Maruyasu Seiki, kindly introduced and explained the product. It’s stylish, modern, and smooth touch, created by diamond cut finishing, is like no other. When you tighten or loosen a screw of a cap, you will notice how smooth it is.


Domyo kumihiro braids—Ueno, Tokyo, since 1652


Established in 1652, Domyo is known for traditional Japanese braiding. They specializes in the kumihimo braids used for kimono, which are constituted by a set of 3 threads of substantially the same length.


When on display, Domyo’s kumihimo are incredibly colorful and beautiful. Now Domyo are experimenting with accessories and other products using kumihimo techniques.


Mr. Domyo Kiichiro, the tenth master artisan of Domyo, said that they handmake all their kumihimo, from spinning the threads to dying and braiding, as they have a strong desire to preserve traditional craftsmanship techniques for future generations.


hide k 1896 - Japan premium carbon brand

hide k 1896 is the brand  name of bags and small articles made of soft carbon material.

Dr.  Kasuga developed a pliable, soft carbon that maintains its woven pattern through a trial-and-error process of impregnating thermoplastic, soft resin film to both sides of the textile with temperature and pressure.

Soft carbon, unlike leather, is surprisingly lightweight and resistant to water and scur, unlike weak leather.

We sampled the soft carbon tote bag and can confirm it lightness.

Dr. Kasuga's "gdk sustainable box" for the collection of products after use is notable. 

He established a recycling scheme to separate fiber and  matrix (resin) for industrial and commercial repurposing.


SUSgallery metalworks—Tsubame, Niigata, since 1971


SUSgallery is well known for its TITANESS Tumbler line made of nearly pure titanium. SUSgallery is based in Tsubame, which has been a famous center of metalworking for over 350 years.


Their superior technique for processing titanium is evident in the elegant texture of the product surface. The tumblers are not only beautiful and sophisticated, but they are also insulating.


SUSgallery uses 99% pure titanium, which resists rust and remains almost unchanged over the years. Titanium also lacks the metallic odor of many other metals.


The TITANESS series uses a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction to offer superlative insulating properties, keeping their contents warm or cool as desired. TITANESS products remain unaffected by ambient temperatures, so the ice in your drink will remain there longer.


HAKUICHI gold leaf Kanazawa, Ishikawa, since 1977


HAKUICHI is well known for its gold leaf-applied commodities and they have developed various lines of products, including cosmetics, stationary, interior décor, and even edible gold leaf food toppings. 

At the event, selections from their HAKU LA TABLE line (such as plates and coasters) are being displayed. This line is more casual, easy to clean after use, and suitable for young couples. 

As always, their products are stylish and make excellent gifts.