A Day In The Country In Kyushu


The Hita-Hikosan Line is operated by JR Kyushu to connect Jono Station in Kitakyushu with Yoake Station in Hita. The railway was originally built to transport coal and limestone produced in the area.

I went to the Kanyusha-Hikosan to have buffet lunch, which was full of traditional Japanese food and fresh vegetables.  I could really enjoy a taste of Japanese home cooking and natural surroundings.



KANYUSHA HIKOSAN is a roadside rest area for those visiting the area by car or train.  It is located at the foot of Mt. Hiko, and consists of five restaurants, shops and an amusement park for children. The shop sells fresh, locally produced vegetables, rice and fruits. Also, you can buy a various potteries and ceramics made by local experts.

Address:  1113-3 Ooaza Noda, Soeda-Machi

Open: 9:00 a.m. ~ 18:00

Lunch buffet (Yen1,200)

You can choose from 25 kinds of food. 

+Yen100 for drinks.


Boiled burdock with sesame

Tofu in sweat and sour sauce

Koya Tofu

Japanese egg omulet

Boiled potate

Boiled lotus roots

Raddish and sliced seaweed in vinegar

and much more.

I went back to Kokura after lunch and shopping, but I'd recommend you to visit Hikosan (Mt. Hiko) which is famous for Japanese mountain ascerticism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concept. It is a sacred mountain. Also, you'll see Hikosan Shrine, a park and more in Soeda.  You should go to the final stop of this Hita-Hikosan Line to explore and fully enjoy its history and rich culture in Kyushu.


How to get to Kanyusha Hikosan:

Take JR Hita-Hikosan Line from JR Kokura station. I took the 11:21 a.m. train from Kokura to arrive at Kanyusha Hikosan station at 12:39 p.m. (Yen1,110 one way)