London Travelogue

First Class Flight to London

I returned from London recently. I had been traveling to the Lake District and London since I left Tokyo two weeks earlier.

I expected cool weather for my stay in Windermere in the Lake District, but the dazzling sunlight and record-high temperature got me down during my stay. However, the Applegarth Villa, a luxury boutique hotel, was a good choice for a holiday. The room was tastefully decorated and comfortable with good facilities. Every time I travel abroad, some unexpected things like this happen, but I get a new perspective and ideas for life.

Let me describe the first-class flight first. The unique part of my trip, however, was the first-class flight I took on Japan Air Lines thanks to my mileage.

It was once in a lifetime experience for me. My first class experience began as soon as I arrived at the airport. I spent a very relaxing time in the First Class lounge. There were some massage chairs and several rooms where you could get a free massage.

When I got on board, the chief purser and a flight attendant came out to personally introduce themselves to me.  All the other flight attendants were all polite and friendly as well. There were only eight passenger seats in the first-class area. After takeoff, I was offered a glass of champaign "SALON" and some mixed nuts. It was divine! Just as I had expected. It had a very delicate and elegant taste that I had never experienced before.

As for the in-fight meals, JAL featured a choice of Japanese and Western cuisines. On the way to  London, I decided to have Western cuisine. The menu was developed by Chef Suga, based on the recommendation of the flight attendant, who is well known as the Executive Chef of "L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Roppongi Hills. The most impressive dish for me was the Caviar with lobster-fennel salad which was served as an appetizer.

♬ ♬ ♬

On the way back to Tokyo, I tried the Japanese menu which had been carefully planned by Seiji Yamamoto. It was superb, thanks to his creative sensibilities. The dishes were beautifully arranged on small plates and each one had a delicate flavor. It must be difficult to provide formal Japanese meals in flight, but the quality of the Dashi soup and rice was beyond my expectationa.

Throughout the entire flight, the attendants checked on you almost every five minutes without being intrusive or annoying. They would just walk past you with a quick glance.

While I was in the restroom changing the pajamas that were provided, the flight attendants transformed my seat into a bedroom, complete with a mattress (soft or had) on top of a full-sized bed. I could sleep comfortably for a couple of hours as if I were in my own bed at home. When I woke up, there were only two hours left before arrival.

The best parts of the JAL First Class were the delicious Japanese meals, the desk, the spacious private space, the BOSE headset, and the comfortable bed. They took great care of me in every process from the airport lounge, and on-board till arrival. Overall, the service was superb and I did not want to end the flight

Posted on July 24, 2016.