The area surrounding Shibuya Station has been under constant construction over the last few years. This is the Tokyo's most exciting neighbourhood, and there's a lot to look forwrd to in the near future.

Shibuya Scramble Square, new landmark in Shibuya opened on November 1, 2019. It is the tallest building with a height of about 230 m, 47 floors above ground. It’s a large-scale complex comprising shops & restaurant, an observation deck, offices and an industrial exchange facility.

The appealing point is SHIBUYA SKY, an observation area, comprising three zones. Sky Gate (14F~45F), SKY STAGE, an outdoor observation area, and SKY GALLERY, an indoor observation corridor on the 46F.

You need to buy online tickets in advance. Online tickets for Adults (18+) are JPY1,800, Same-day over-the-counter tickets (18+) JPY2,000. The sale of same-day OTC tickets will begin on December 1.

I went to the SKY STAGE around 4:00 p.m. on a weekday and stayed there around 6:00 p.m. I'm sure this is the best observatory in Tokyo. The view was fantastic!

Shibuya Stream, a skyscraper in the Shibuya Station South Area had its grand opening last year. It is a part of a redevelopment project in the Shibuya area. 

The reason why this building was named Shibuya Stream is that the project involved the diversion and regeneration of the Shibuya River.  

Previously it had been reduced to a narrow concrete lined shute hidden away behind large building. Now however the space along one part of the river has now opened up into a tree lined plaza and walkway for pedestrians.  

It is really impressive for those of us who are familiar with the area to see how this shabby river running along the train track has been transformed into a lovely waterfront.

Upper levels of Shibuya Stream are occupied by offices of major company, like GOOGLE. On the lower levels, there are shops, restaurants and a Tokyu Hotel. The building also contains space for incubating creative content startups. 

For foodies, there are also renowned restaurants including Xiringuito Escriba from Barcelona and Mexican izakaya, Bokkoku Kaiten Tori Ryouri.


The building also functions as a bridge between Shibuya Station and the Shibuya 3-chome area, which had been cut off by Route 24 and Meiji Dori St.

SHIBUYA station was built in 1885, and has continued to change with the times, adding and moving platforms inorder to accommodate the eight lines it serves. As a result, the connections between many of the lines are terrible, making it difficult to navigate the station efficiently.  

As part of Shibuya major redevelopment efforts, JR, Tokyu and other companies are now renovating and reorganizing the Shibuya Station.  

 We hope that, once completed, the connection will be improved and the  area will become even more important cultural hub.

In 2013, previously overground Tokyu Toyoko Line was buried underneath Shibuya Station and connected to the Fukutoshin Subway line, which allowed travel all the way from Yokohama to Ikebukuro and far beyond. 

However, this transformation has brought a large number of passengers through the underground of parts of Shibuya station. When I used it for the  first time, I felt a bit confused because Toyoko Line   had been moved all the way down to the 5th basement. 

Their project seems ambitious effort to revitalize the district. The entire redevelopment project is scheduled to be completed in 2027.

Miyashita Park

Miyashita Park is the new type of facility combining a park, retail property and a hotel. 

retail & service shops
sequence MIYASHITA PARK" hotel
restaurants & food shops

Approximately 90 unique stores to open in a Recreational Park and Town Area. Retail shops will satisfy diverse values including luxury brands and street brands and more. This will be a new landmark in Shibuya.