Hanami Night

Hanami Night

"Hanami" is already an English word now meaning cherry blossom viewing.

Hanami during daytime is nice but hanami at night is also gorgeous with light ups.

This place is one of the famous and dynamic hanami place called "Chidorigafuchi".

Chidorigafuchi is located northwest of Imperial palace and you can enjoy a long pavement

that sorrounds the Imperial palace moat.

You can also rent a boat and enjoy gorgeous cherry blossoms on the water.

(2nd April 2016 @ Chidorigafuchi)

If you want more private and quieter place to enjoy night hanami, Arkhills is a place you might like.

Ark hills is next to ANA hotel and Hotel Okura (nearest station is Tameike sanno st.) and

there is a long hill where cherry blossom gate is waiting for you.

If you need a rest, there's a classic bar at Hotel Okura called Highlander bar.

(2nd of April 2016@Arkhills)

by Yoko Muroga