Recent Works:


Shihoko Moritani started her career as a contemporary artist since her two pieces of work were selected for Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition in 1984. Since then she has endeavored to establish her own style.

I have featured some recent works here with Shihoko's permission.

Colors and shapes have a lot of warms. We had a cup of tea in the room surrounded by these paintings. I felt I was encouraged by a warm reception of them, because simple shapes and bright colors may represent a feeling of joy and give us energy to live.

Here's SHIHOKO'S Artist Statement:

My painting is motivated by a feeling of anxiety, the mounting frustration with the status quo and prayer with my zeal for hope. Such feelings deep in my heart power my drive to artistic creation.

My painting is often said to be free, bold and unique. It is because I delineate my passion on the campus to liberate my mind dreaming impossible things in the real world.

My attitude towards art could be a little selfish and arrogant, because I have done it the way I prefer without being restricted by anything.

It is my expression of my sensitivity following my own instincts. If you can share my passion for the work, I would be more than happy.

Pictures were taken at her house gallery.

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