Kakunodate in Senboku-City, Akita Prefecture, is often called “a Little Kyoto” in Tohoku region for its townscape which still has the atmosphere of the Edo Period. 

We visited the town at the beginning of August, when the temperature soared up to 35℃ and humidity was high. We realized that Kakunodate is surrounded by mountains on three sides forming a basin where the hot air stay.

The town was established in 1620 by Yoshikatsu Ashina, then ruler of the Kakunodate area.

The townscape is noteworthy, as there were Hiyoke (fire shield) mounds in the center of the town, dividing it into two.  The inner town in the northern part where samurais lived, and the outer town in the southern part where townspeople lived. 

The Bukeyashiki, houses of the samurais, were not mere houses, but also formed a single castle together.

The area known as Bukeyashiki-dori, was designated as Important preservation districts for groups of historic buildings on September, 1976.

At lunchtime, we visited a Japanese Kaiseki cuisine restaurant, "INAHO".  The beautiful Japanese garden, traditional house specialties, tasteful food and table wares were feast on our eyes.  They serve local and house specialties by giving a slight twist.  French bread with a fish soup flavor.  For example,  Egg custard (Chawanmushi) in a tomato soup,  Udon noodles with a cherry blossom flavor and so on. 

A lady who served dishes, landlady were so nice and courteously attentive to us and kindly explained about their house specialties, local food and how to grill Kiritanpo on the stove.

"INAHO", a Japanese Kaiseki Suisine Restaurant in Kakunodate

French bread &

boiled butterbur

French bread with fish soup flavor 

Inaniwa Udon noodle

and "Iburi-gakko"(smoked raddish pickles)

Savory egg custard in a tomato soup

"KIRITANPO"  (hot-pot with rice sticks) with house specialty sauce


(Okura, Kiritanpo- rice sticks, Iburi-gakko pickles, Japanese ginger)


(water shield)

Junsai soaked in vinegar

An entrance to "INAHO"


Telephone: 0187-54-3311

Fax: 0187-54-3737