Dec.23:  We have just a few days left in 2022. 28th of December is the last workday of the year for many people and people typically return to their hometowns to celebrate the New Year, leaving the city empty and unusually quiet.  

A lot of things happened this year. I am hoping 2023 will be a better year!


Sliced raw fish

Deep-fired oysters

Simmered sea break with sweetened soy sauce

Ginza Ochikochi serves Hiroshima cuisine.  Hiroshima oysters are a beloved delicacy. Deep-fried oysters are one of the classic ways of enjoying oysters in Japan. Coated in crunchy breadcrumbs, the oysters are so plump that they explode with juicy flavor in your mouth. They were absolutely delicious!

1-6-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo