~ Exquisite Kaiseki Cuisine In a Traditional Japanese Ambiance

Tsukiji Jisaku is a Japanese ryotei (traditional restaurant), opened in 1931. The house was originally built in1899 as one of the houses for the Iwasaki family, founders of the Mitsubishi conglomerate. It has a spacious Japanese garden, with a large pond where carp swim. You can experience the feeling of traditional Japanese architectural style and decor of the restaurant.

A visit to Tsukiji Jisaku is rare opportunity and an incredible sensory experience. The restaurant offers a quintessential Japanese ambiance matched with exquisite food and traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Jisaku offers a variety of seasonal tasting menus. Our course lunch was elaborate, featuring a tori-no-mizutaki, checkn and vegetables cooked in a special broth, the specialty of Tsukiji Jisaku, frensh sashimi, chawanmushi and grilled fish. All was beautiful and perfectly balanced. We ended our course with persimmon and ice cream as dessesrt.

The restaurant is located a 5 minutes walk from the Tsukiji market where fresh seasonal foods selected from all parts of Japan are readily available. In addition to kaiseki course meal, tori-no-mizutaki, checkn and vegetables cooked in a special broth is the specialty of Tsukiji Jisaku. It is near the heart of the city, yet once you step through its gate, you find yourself a world away.

As we were greeted by the kimono-clad staff and escorted to our private dining room via the passages, we admired the traditional elements of the Japanese decor. The manager told us that the house was escaped the air raid during World War II thanks to the proximity of St. Luke Hospital.

There are four small rooms (2~4 people), six medium-sized room (4~14 people) and three large rooms (10 ~ 36 people) and three large banquet rooms (17~120 people) to accommodate various purposes.



14-19 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 〒104-0044

Telephone: 03-3541-2391 (Reservation & Inquiry)