Shichi Jyu Ni Kou ~ the 72 seasons

Shichi Jyu Ni Kou

~ the 72 seasons, Japanese Cuisine and Teppanyaki Restaurant

Let me explain about the name of the restaurant, "Shichijyuni Kou". In Japan, we observe 24 "solar terms" that mark off segments of the lunisolar calendar.

Moreover, the solar terms can be divied into three 5-day periods each, called the "Shichi jyu ni kou", meaning the "72 seasons".

This system of subividing the year according to the motions of the sun and moon originated in ancient China, but was revised due to the actual changes of nature and weather, and the growth of animals and plants in the Japanese climate and lifestyle.

We went to the restaurant on my birthday almost at the end of the year. The space was surrounded by the white translucent cloth blind, and it was simple but elegant. It was a comfortable place in a calm atmosphere. There were Tenppanyaki space and individual rooms.

Grilled spanish mackerel, simmered vegetable,

boiled egg

Original tablewares go well with Japanese cuisine.

Tempura (Fried sweet fish, mushroom and vegetable)

Seasonal Dish. Vinegared radish

As always, I had Shokado Bento, which included starter, Grilled sliced fish, Sashimi (sliced raw fish), Simmered Vegetable, Fried Dish (sweet fish, mushroom and vegetables), Seasonal Dish, Rice and Miso soup, Pickles, Dessert (fruits). Japanese Sake - Daiginjo - was superb. This Bento lunch was so delitious and the best bento ever! Shokado Bento JPY3,800.-

It is located on the basement floor of the Tokyo Station Hotel.

~~~~~~Address: The Tokyo Station Hotel B1F

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005

Telephone: 03-6269-9403

Open 7 days a week