Glouglou Reefur

GLOUGLOU REEFER is a stylish café restaurant in Daikanyama. It is 3 minutes walking from Daikanyama station, Toyoko Line.

Yoko and I went there at lunch time, and it was crowded with young ladies. You can shop foods and goods at Maison de Reefur on the 1st floor,

a sister shop directed by Rinka, fashion model.

There are two choice for lunch - Japanese plate and Deli plate. JPY1,600.-

Japanese egg roll (Tamagoyaki), Bamboo Tempura, Potate salad and smoked salmon, Rice with minced sea bream, Miso-soup,

Bracken-starch dumpling with soybean flour x 2

Deli plate - 4 varieties of vegetable dishes (pumpkin, leafy vegetable, tomato, lettuce) and meat or fish dish and rice and coffee. JPY1, 500 (tax incl.)

Glouglou Reefur

Daikanyama Plaza 2fl.

24-7 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo