Soup Lunch

D&Department is a unique style store on Kanpachi-Dori (Ring road No.8) neat Jiyugaoka. It is a design store dealing with traditional Japanese art, crafts, daily products collected from all over Japan. 47 prefectures in Japan have their own local products. D&Department develops business through product sales, restaurant, publication and tourism. Some goods are refashioned or reshaped from the previous ones as needed to look fashionable.

I went to the Café on the 1st floor. The soup lunch is just right to me in terms of volume and taste.

Variety of vegetables (lettuce, carrot, leek, turnip), and vegetable soup (cauliflower, fried burdock, beans, carrot, potatoes, etc.) and bread, coffee

JPY1, 350.-


D&D Department

8-3-2 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 〒158-0083

Telephone: 03-5752-0120