Budo no ki @ Ginza

<Souffle with orange grandmarnier>

At Budo no ki, you can enjoy a plate of beautifully decorated seasonal dessert in gorgeous atmosphere.

Every plate is so beautiful with seasonal fruits and patissier's sense.

Warm dessert will take about 10 min. because it's served just taken out from the oven after ordering.

Moreover, crepes are cooked in front of you by Flanbe...which is a cooking procedure in which alchole is added

to a hot pan to create a burst of flames!

Not only the taste of desserts, but also the dishes are beautiful.

These are work of porcelain artists and these pots and dishes enhance the happy feeling.

The price is a bit high but if you want to enjoy a delicate and beautiful dessert in Ginza (Expensive area)

please try Budo no ki.

By the way, "Budo no ki " means grape trees.

Desserts & tea or coffee : about 2500 yen

By Yoko Muroga