Non-Sugar Chocolate

Chocolate Supplment !

Non-Sugar Chocolate

On Valentine’s Day in Japan, young girls give chocolate to men on that day. It’s a bit different from other countries.

Women give chocolate not only to men who they truly love, but also to their boss, or colleagues to express their appreciation.

I wanted to feature here is Dr’s Chocolate by Mother Renka, a non-sugar chocolate with health promoting benefits.

It is a chocolate supplement available at the dispensary, or or their online shop.

47% of the Japanese population suffer from diseases associated with adult lifestyle habits,

and 1 out of 4 persons are likely to get diabetic.

It contains no trans fatty acid, no vegetable fat and oil, and gluten free.

It is made from natural ingredients, with low calories, cholesterol and sugar, but rich in cacao polyphenols.

It is also rich in vitamin and minerals.

Regarding the Glycemic Index (GI), Dark chocolate 26, milk chocolate 36 in comparison to commercial chocolate in the marketplace is 90.

It's really tasty!