Din's Soup Dumpling & Ramen


Pork Rib on Steamed Rice

Baked soup dumplings

"DIN'S" known for their "baked" dumpling opened in Jiyugaoka on 7th April. Their baked (soup) dumplins are famous for having "wings", or extra crispy layers around them.

Steamed Soup dumpling (Xiaolongbao) is a popular Chinese food. It is usually a hot steamed bun, filled with meat and soup inside. I love soup dumplings since I first visited Ding Tai Fung in Taipei several years ago. But today I've tried their baked soup dumplings with some special miso paste and chili oil. It was tasty!

Today's lunch was salty ramen topped with steamed chicken and baked soup dumplings. Noodles used in salty ramen were thin, and the soup was a bit salty and simple. I love this taste!

Din’s offers a lunch set on weekdays. (\980)

- Dandan Noodles & steamed soup dumpling

- Steamed Chicken Ramen with salty soup & steamed soup dumpling

- Pork Rib Ramen & steamed soup dumpling, Miso soup

- Pork Rib on Steamed Rice & steamed soup dumpling, Miso soup

- and more.



Address: Milsh Jiyugaoka Building, 2nd floor,

2-10-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-6421-3825

Open: Monday ~ Thursday, Sunday, holidays

Lunch 11:30 ~ 16:00

Dinner 16:00 ~ 23:00

Friday & Saturday

11:30 ~ 24:00