A Day in Yokohama feeling an ocean breeze

Yokohama is a beautiful port town, just 30min. by train from Shibuya. There are China Town, Motomachi shopping street and much more to enjoy. The open air and the ocean cheer me up in a sunny day.

Charanpoulin is my today’s choice restaurant. This cozy place is popular among young and fashionable ladies for its soft, stylish environment.. The name “Charanpoulin”, if it is Japanese, means “sloppy” or “irresponsible”, but it offered a comfortable food and space at a reasonable price. I recommend a window table feeling an ocean breeze.

Lunch menu: JPN1,500, including coffee and sesame pudding.

Fried chicken



Vinegared seaweed

Shrimp and lettuce

cooked soy pulp