October 2022

Oct 26:  I bought shoestrings for my sneaker at Nawate Street in Matsumoto-city, which is an old-fashioned alley lined with a variety of fun shops. It has a nostalgic and festive atmosphere.

Oct.21-22:  Visited Matsumoto city and Naraijuku in Nagano Prefecture. The city has several spots you shouldn't miss. Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto City Museum featuring works by Kusama Yayoi!

It is a clean and beautiful city and easy to walk around because of its size.  

Dinner at HIKARIYA NISHI was fantastic! We were impressed with its creativity, beauty, and the chef's passion for the cuisine.

Oct. 11:  

It’s already October. It’s always my favorite season of all. The crisp air, beautiful foliage, and food! The best season of all is on its way!

My sister and I visited Fukuoka and Oita at the beginning of this month. Nakatsu is the birthplace of Fukuzawa Yukichi, an educator and highly influential figure in 19C Japan. He founded Keio University and the Jiji Shinpo.