October 2021

It’s already the middle of October. It’s always my favorite season of all. The crisp air, beautiful foliage and food! The best season of all is on its way!


Many things happened in the first week of October.

Japan’s new prime Minister, Kishida Fumio took office on October 4, and there was a big earthquake with an intensity of five in Tokyo on October 7. We recognized the increasing importance of preparation for an earthquake.


For myself, it’s been cultural and artful days. It’s in full swing. I visited the Edo-Fukagawa Museum, Tokyo The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo to see “GENKYO YOKOO TAANORI”, which was amazing in terms of volume and his talent. I also visited SHITSU GOGEISHA to learn about KINTSUGI in Setagaya.(I will post a blog soon). I plan to go to see “OLIVER!” at Orb Theatre in Shibuya on this coming Friday.

Oct. 12:

Emergency situation was lifted and Covid-19 situation seems to be improving day by day.  Three of us went to Ginza for lunch for the first time in a while. We had a lively conversation in a private room of the Japanese restaurant, "Honokawa" in Ginza.  Here's our Tsubaki lunch course! (JPY2,750). 



Nishi Ginza Bldg, 6F

6-3-1 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Sesame Tofu

Assortment of 6 kinds of Sliced raw fish

Simmered potates and carrots in a soup

Fried fish


Tofu Dessert