We wish you a very Happy New Year! 
The past year was full of challenges, but we pray that the coming year brings you much happiness and prosperity, and in time the world will be a safe place again!

The Year of the Tiger 2022

January 1: According to our family tradition, we visited Hie Shrine in Akasaka. It was a beautiful day on Jan 1 in Tokyo. The shrine is more crowded than last year but worshippers wore masks to wait in line for worhip.

We bought Omikuji fortune slips for other family members.  An Omikuji tells your fortune for the year, nd there are six levels of luck ranging from Daikichi (great luck) to Daikyo (very bad luck).  Mine was "Chukichi" (medium blessing) which is better than last year and I decided to cherish my luck for 2022.

On my birthday, December 29th, we visited Caveman in Kabutocho, Tokyo. We wanted to try something stylish, trendy and innovative and this restaurant was the perfect choice!


It is a unique restaurant because they said that they would not have their cuisine classified as Japanese or Western. Their cuisine was more like modern Japanese with Italian accent. Menu changes depending on which ingredients are available on the day.


It is difficult to explain each dish because of their delicate flavor and complexity, but overall, all dishes are innovative, healthy and pleasant to the palate.


There’s only one set menu offered each night. Dinner is Yen9900 for 7 courses, with a drink pairing, but we chose white and red wine instead of pairing. It started with snack – fresh oyster and eel rolled with a probably beefsteak plant, followed by unique, creative dishes.


It is located right across from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It’s a former bank building, refurbished to a modern restaurant. The upstairs floors house a boutique hotel, K5. With large windows, light-wood furniture, and plenty of plant to soften the concrete walls. There are small tables for couples, but we were seated at a long, large communal table at the back. The restaurant seems popular among young people.


It is worth a visit!



Nihonbashi Kabutocho 3-5, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026

Telephone:  03-5847-1112