August 14: 

Tokyo 2020 Games are over and the Paralympic Games will start on August 24th. After the Olympics, new coronavirus cases surge in all over Japan and the temperature dropped to 25°C today. 

Historic rainfall and flooding hit western Japan since last week. The heaviest rainfall in decades has caused  destruction over large parts of the country, particularly in Kyushu, Hiroshima and other prefectures.

We would like to express our sympathy to the people afflicted by the flooding and landslides.


The HOT summer is upon us.  The summer heat in Tokyo can be suffocating and the humidity unbearable for visitors and athletes.

Three days left for the Olympic Games. People are urged to watch the Olympics from home while new coronavirus cases surge in Tokyo more than ever.

We visited Akita city and Kakunodate for a summer break, but it was hot at 35℃ in Kakunodate.  It was a beautiful town called a Little Kyoto in Tohoku region.  I would recommend to visit Kakunodate in Spring for cherryblossoms.

 It is the season where serious heatstroke occurs in Japan. The major causes of heatstroke are high temperature and humidity.  Our bodies cannot control the heat of the core temperature, because sweat cannot evaporate in high-humidity conditions.

 When you travel in Japan in summer, make sure you stay hydrated, otherwise you can easily get heat exhaustion or heatstroke.