Azabudai Hills Art Galleries

Feb 13: Azabuda Hills Art Tour

Suspended above the main tower lobby of Azabudai Hills are four spiraling structures, “A Harmonious Cycle of Interconnected Nows” by Olafur Eliasson. Slowness, deep time, and the hidden structures of quantum geometry were inspirations for the artwork. I joined the art tour organized by Bijutsu Techo Premium.

These spirals appear to be simple lines, but according to the curator, they are mathematically derived, inspired by satellite curves, the trajectories of a point moving along the surface of a rotating sphere.

Walking around the lobby, the work will appear in many different shapes. About 85% of the materials are made of zinc which exists in the smog emitted by chimneys. The work is composed of materials removed from our recycled from the air we breathe every day. 

Familiar substances and materials have been gathered, poured into molds, and attached to the artwork. The air pollution and photochemical smog in our cities are invisible. These spiraling structures provide us with an opportunity to rethink the way we want to live.

Vegetarian lunch cooked at Olafur Eliasson's studio kitchen. It's delicious and healthy.

These serve as nourishment and a source of creative inspiration! Some ingredients are Japanese Miso and seaweed.

Tea served with a Wasanbon, a refined sugar shaped like a molecule.

Manga-Art Heritage Gallery

I found this gallery interesting. Some claim that Manga is not an art, but Shueisha opened this gallery with the idea that Manga is an art form that deserves to be passed down. 

The production of Manga requires speed, therefore original manga drawings are degraded over time. The dye ink color work fades and the paper-bonded dialogue typeface becomes discolored. There is a large amount of uncatalogued original manga art. Then Shueisha could solve the problems through the power of digitization.  The works are printed with light-resistant pigmented ink on archival 100% cotton paper used in museum collections. They use an art blockchain network to keep these assets secure and manage their historical information.

In the gallery,  you can see a film showing that, before the invention of phototypesetting,  typesetting and printing of Manga were done in different ways.