Tennozu Isle is located in Tokyo Bay and was used to be a warehouse area. In its water front, however, you can find art galleries  theatre, shops and restaurants.  

Recently Tennoz Canal East area has been developed with a lot of new cultural space.

How To Enjoy Kabuki-1

HOW TO ENJOY KABUKI -1 Kabuki is a Japanese traditional theatrical art, with 400 years of history. It is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  Kabuki has ...

Tips To Enjoy Kabuki-2 

Dance All Kabuki actors have strong physical strength enabling their sharp motion on the stage.  Kabuki plays more fight scenes than you would expect.  They always maintain their balance to ...

How To Enjoy Kabuki-3 

... character appears on the scene in cartoon film. Omuko shouts: When you visit the Kabuki theatre, you may hear the audience cheer their favorite actors and praise the performances, shouting ...

Catastrophe and The Power of Art

In today’s world, we have been plagued by a number of natural and man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks and financial crisis. Also there are social contradictions and problems that have been often ignored in modern society. This exhibition aims to explore the role of art in the aftermath of disasters.

√k Contemporary

Kashima Arts, a Japanese traditional art dealer with 30-year history, newly opened “√kContemporary” in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.  This gallery was built aiming to further develop and create contemporary arts for the next generation. They intend to exhibit quality art works irrespective of nationality and the times.

Japanese Jazz Pianist 

Mitsuo Kabuki, a Japanese Jazz Pianist Mitsuio Kabuki is a Japanese contemporary jazz pianist and composer.  His live jazz concert, commemorating the release of his first CD album, "EPIC," was ...

Kawabata Ryushi

Ryushi Kawabata (1885-1966) was a prominent Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist and well known for bold, vibrant and lively expressions. He stood out in the mainstream conventional art world at that time where delicate and dense expression was dominant

Naoshima is the destination for art lovers in the world. Artworks are everywhere, inside and outside, on the beach on the cliffs and even in the residential district.