Sept.27: The state funeral for former PM Abe is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm today. Although it was quite controversial, he had a vision and brought the country stability and security. In deepest sympathy.


Sept.22: Just before the long holiday weekend, we visited Hakone for a day trip. It was cloudy and the clouds and poor visibility often blocked the view of Mt. Fuji. Still, we could enjoy flying right across the mouth of Owakudani crater on the ropeway and cruising across Lake Ashinoko, and strolling along the old cedar road. Hakone Barrier was an interesting spot to learn the history of Hakone.

On the way back, we stopped by Densuke for fried horse mackerel (Aji fry) in Odawara. So delicious. Inside soft and outside crispy!

"DENSUKE" Minaka Odawara 2 fl.

Appi Kogen

Harrow International School Appi

Dinner at Intercontinental Appi

Sept. 19: We were watching the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II on TV. Every aspect of the event was so well organized and impressive. We reaffirmed that the queen had the power to bring people together. Rest in peace, HM.


Sept. 10: A clear autumn sky prevails. It's really nice weather today with the temperature at around 26℃ in Yokohama. We sensed the arrival of autumn.

Sept. 6: The Appi Highlands in Iwate Prefecture, 50km north of Morioka. It is one of the best ski resorts where you can fully enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There are also golf courses, a gondola, a museum, and a hot spring. You can experience various activities feeling the magnificent scenery of the four seasons. We visited there to cure summer fatigue.

Appi is attracting attention for the opening of Harrow International School Appi-Japan, which provides world-class full-boarding British education. I hope it makes a stir in the Japanese education system.

Where is Appi Kogen?

By train. From Tokyo, take Shinkansen Line to Morioka. From the Morioka to Appi Kogen on the JR Hanawa Line takes about one hour. You better check the timetable in advance, because there are only 9 services a day. There is a bus, and car rental service available.