Encounters with Japanese Culture

December 2021

December 2:

My sister and I walked around Kyobashi Antique Street to explore the Japanese traditional antiques. More than 80 Japanese, Chinese and Oriental antique shops are located in this area.

My sister is a contemporary artist, but she really likes Japanese traditional art crafts. If you have a chance, please walk into antique shops and say “Hello” and ask any question about the artworks on display. They are willing to answer your questions.

We stopped by “ROKEIAN” which is famous for Rosanjin's works. Fujiwara-san kindly served green tea in a tea cup made by Rosanjin. We felt it was undeserved honor to enjoy green tea served in a precious tea cup! The tea room built in the shop is worth seeing.



1 fl. AS bldg. 2-9-9 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

December 1:

The final month of 2021 is here. In Tokyo, temperature was around 19 ºC in the afternoon and dropped to 8 ºC in the morning and at night in the beginning of December. This winter is warmer than usual. Mostly sunny with little rain or snow and the air is dry.

The first case of variant Omicron confirmed in Tokyo raised concern about the spread of COVID-19 which is now well under control in Japan.


Yoko-san and I had lunch at Hasuo in Hiroo to catch up. The restaurant is chic and food is delicious and instagrammable!


5-10-3 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-6456-4377

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