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Sushi Catering Party

One night in May, my friends and I were invited to a Sushi Catering Party at our friend’s house. There were about 10 people and two dogs.

After walking around the beautiful garden filled with various flowers, which is spacious and well-cared, we moved into the living room where sushi ingredients were set on the table.

We just sit back, relaxed and let sushi-chef make Sushi with the freshest ingredients right in front of us. It was such a blissful moment, chatting and eating Sushi with Japanese Sake.

All guests were entertained by a signature chef experience. Nakamura-san, sushi-chef, is very friendly and pleasant person to be with us.

They were so delicious and we never realized that we have actually had 22-23 pieces of Sushi, and sweets, unaware of the passing of time.

Here the custom menu::


Belly of tunawith a high fat content, medium fatty tuna, lean fish (red-fleshed fish) <vary seasonally: skipjack tuna (or bonito)>

White fish:

Flounder, marbled flounder horse mackerel <vary seasonally:: bass, flathead, striped pigfish, amberjack, Seriola lalandi, yellowtail>

Bright metal fish:

Mackerel, horse mackerel, spotted shad <vary seasonally: SHINKO (baby spotted shad), garfish, red snapper


Arch shell, scallop, surf calam, abalone and more


Live prawn, boiled prown, deep-water (sweet) shrimp,


Salmon roe, herring roe, sea urchin

Simmered (or cooked):

Cooked conger, cooked clam


Octopus, calamari


Japanese egg roll、 Japanese egg roll with minced fish and yam


Sushi roll with minced fatty tuna and spring onion, Conger eel and cucumber roll.


Nakamura-san has his own shop in Meguro, but provides catering service as well.


Address: 3-13-9 Aobadai、Meguro-ku、Tokyo

Lunch time: Monday ~ Friday 11:45~13:30

Dinner time: 18:00 ~until you leave