How to make Umeshu

Plum wine season is here! Umeshu (plum wine) is popular alcoholic beverage in Japan. Its aroma and flavor of plum is believed to promote good health!


How to make plum liquor (UMESHU)

Umeshu is a popular drink made from plums and liquor.  It is common to make Umeshu (Plum wine) at home.  In June, plums are beginning to appear on the market. I've got a bag of plums, crystal sugar and white liquor at a nearby supermarket.  It is fun and easy to make it!


-       Japanese plums 1kg

-       Crystal sugar 700 g

-       White liquor (or brandy type Liqueur)

1.   Wash plums lightly with water

2.   Souse plums into water for 2~3 hours to remove plum’s scum.

3.   Remove water

4.   Dry plum and remove hulls of plum

5.   Put plums and crystal sugar in alternate shifts.

6.   Finish with crystal sugar to prevent plums from floating.

7.   Add white liquor.

8.   Keep it on the cool spot for more than 3 months.

The longer you keep it, the better taste Umeshu has.

Three months later, my Plum Brandy (UMESHU) has become looks like this.

The brandy seems to have soaked the taste and the aroma of plum, as the plums shriveled up and most of them went down to the bottom.  I poured Umeshu into a glass.  It caught the aroma of Plum and taste like Plum Brandy!