Tokyo Metropolis

photo: Ginza, from the rooftop of the Tokyu Plaza

Tokyo is vast and is home to more than 13 million people.

Despite being a modern megalopolis, Tokyo retain its own distinctive character.

It ranges from big business area, the affluent shopping district,

or trendy street to narrow streets of old quarters.

Tokyo is a World Best Food City. In fact, Michelin awarded more stars to restaurants in Tokyo than any other big cities.

For visitors who would go local, there are Japanese haute cuisine (Kaiseki-ryori) and sushi restaurant.

There are also the lower-to-middle end eateries, such as noodle shops.

There is no shortage of excitement to be found in Tokyo.

The picture above was taken from the top of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza in Ginza,

Tokyo's upmarket shopping area.