By courtesy of Shihoko Moritani

Kumiko Kawai

I am a Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)  mainly working in Tokyo and the Kanto area.   In this website, I would also like to tell you more about some of the interesting aspects of Japanese society and life in Tokyo.  

I love art, jazz and opera. I'm happy to show you art galleries and museums in Japan. Whether you like traditional Ukiyoe printing, contemporary art or ceramics, Tokyo has a lot to offer.   I hope it will give you a glimpse of Japanese life and a variety of ways of looking at that life through our eyes.

And if you're a foodie like me, be sure to check out our book, Fine Dining in a Box, and all the info on my site about food, drink and restaurants in Tokyo. 

FINE DINING IN A BOX - The World of Kyoto Bento (English) Kindle 

I had worked for US and European financial institutions for many years before I started working as a guide. I'm also a financial planner and business writer.  I received BA in American Studies from Tsuda College and MA from New York University.  Certificate of Completion from Christie's. 


Yoko Muroga

Freelance writer. I had worked at US and European investment banks for over 10 years. After quitting, I went to Gold Coast for a long vacation and played golf everyday. I had also spent 4 years in London as a student in high school (& junior high). 

I love to travel both abroad and domestic. I also like playing shogi (Japanese chess), going to cafe to chill, and looking for yummy desserts. 

I graduated from Sophia university in Tokyo.


We undertake a translation (J➡E,E➡J)and an industry/company research assignment besides guiding request.  Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.