Picnic @ Yoyogi Park

The fresh green season has come and it is a great season for a picnic at a park.

I always go to Yoyogi park.

Yoyogi park is a perfect place for a lazy day, sitting on a fresh green doing nothing.

This park is a large park located near Harajyuku station and just beside Meiji Shirine.

There are many people enjoying picnic, bringing food, wine, beer....

My dog (Billy) loves picnic so much !

Fresh green gives me a lot of energy and power !

This view is seen lying on the ground. The combination of green and blue is so beautiful.

There are also flower gardens.

And 3 dog runs (For small, mediam and large dogs).

And also "bird sanctuary" where you can enjoy seeing variety of birds.

There is also a small food concession.

But I would recommend that you bring your own because it's much cheaper and

you can save time of queueing (on weekends, there is a long queue).

by Yoko Muroga