KAYANOYA, in the Countryside

It was early spring when I visited “Kayanoya” restaurant located in the suburbs of Fukuoka. “Kayanoya” is a famous brand for “dashi” soup(soup broth) or various seasonings, and the shops are located in the Tokyo Midtown or Coledo Miuromachi and others.

After about an hour flight from Hanada Airport to Fukuoka, I went to JR Hakata station, where I took the train (The Fukuhoku Yutaka Line) for about 15-20 min. to Sasaguri station, where the courtesy car was waiting. It was about 15-20 min. car ride to get the a mountain town surrounded by nature. The thatched roof restaurant at the side of a brook, caught my eyes. What a nostalgic view that I have never seen in Tokyo.

The entrance lobby was stylish and attractive. When I ran through an entrance curtain, there was a Japanese stylish space decorated with vegetables and flowers. After waiting on the seat around a fireplace, I was ushered to the restaurant. A high ceiling, spacious and relaxed atmosphere reminded me “The Gassho of Japan” in NY. The (guest’s) name written by flower character on a Japanese Washi sheet welcomed guests. Then welcome tea and an Oshibori (hot towel) were served.

Here's the menu: Muguki course (JPY5,400)

Appetizer - Snap garden peas, Japanese egg cockle with mustard sauce, Sushi rice topped with bamboo, Spring vegetables rolled with Berkshire pig, vinegar soy sauce, oiled salmon escabesh

Soup - Root vegetables (potate for this month)

Reddish bean tofu - Reddish bean puree and mixed with arrowroot starch (kuzuko) with dashi soup

Spanish mackerel steamed by Yuan style

Butterbur and butterbur sprout cooked in dashi and sweetened sauce

Main dish Local beef cooked with soy sauce, dashi and sugar, with vegetables

(Choice of grilled sea bream and burban shell, cooked with herb and butter)

Rice (10 main cereals), Miso (Natto miso) soup, Pickles, Fresh Egg

Dessert Strawberry panna cotta, a fresh brewed coffee

Needless to say that all of the meals were intricate and delicious and the local produce and seasonal fresh products have been used to fully enjoy local flavors.

The space and atmosphere were really comfortable. Everything was so stylish and perfect. The jazz piano music was pleasing to the ear. A view from a window was not a building, but a brook, mountain and trees. The thatched roofs we do not have a chance to see in the city these days were graceful and affectionate.

Kayanoya has a vision to provide Japanese traditional meals based on our wisdom and inhert them to the next generations. Their objectives seem to be successful, as they are providing comfortable time, space and meals for visitors.

Kayanoya restaurant is proud of serving quality meals for 10 year in this place. It is fully booked everyday, attracting visitors from all over the country. “The Kubara Honke Group” companies underpin the management of the restaurant.



395-1 Oaza-Ino、Aza-Kushiya, Hisayama-machi, Kasuya-Gun, Fukuoka-Pref.

How to get there:

Take a train (Fukuhoku Yutaka Line) from JR Hakata station to Sasaguri station. (Express 16min. JPY270). Then take a taxi for 20 min. (JPY2,500). Or courtesy car available by reservation. (Telephone: 092-976-2112)

By car, take Rt.21 from Fukuoka towards Nogata. Turn left at Yamanokami traffic light, follow the road.

It is about 2km from the Ino Shrine .

There are private rooms and other kind of rooms for event and parties. Menus change monthly.

Price: JPY3,800 upwards

Opening hours:



(Closed at 22:00)

Closed on Wednesdays (If Wednesday is a holiday, next day will be closed.)

First Tuesday of the month Opening hours 11:00~16:00