JULY 2021

July 23: Tokyo 2020 like no other

The Tokyo 2020 will officially begin when opening ceremonies kick off today.

These Olympic Games are like no other! The Games are being held amid a state of emergency in Tokyo and there’s a growing concern over the positive cases in the Olympic village.

Despite the scandals and obstacles, let’s get our fingers crossed and wish all the Olympic athletes happiness and success in Tokyo 2020.

July 17: It's the start of summer!

The rainy season ended on 16th June in Tokyo, and it's been really hot these days.

It's the start of summer. Tokyo 2020 will start on Friday, July 23!

July 15: Tea Ceremony Lesson

Today I practiced Japanese tea ceremony at Nanako's place.

In her house, there is a quiet tea room that is installed with a built-in hearth to enjoy the tea ceremony.

Nanako-san is a tea master and prepared tea in a graceful manner. She follows the tradition of the Omote-senke school.

It is not easy to master the ceremony, but she well explained every step of serving and having tea. I also earned how to appreciate flowers and tea utensils.

Japanese sweets were served before having maccha tea. It was so delicious! We certainly enjoyed the time in a traditional Japanese style in a tatami room.

It was a lovely time together! Thank you, Nanako-san!

July 11:

Spectators have been banned from the Tokyo Olympics after a fourth state of emergency was declared in Tokyo.

Although we understand the decision over fears of a spite in the cases of the Delta variant and the fact only 16.84% (Our World in Data, as of July 11, 2021) of the population is fully vaccinated, compared with about 50% in the US and UK,

I am deeply disappointed that I cannot go to a rowing game at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay.

The Games was delayed by a year because of the pandemic and plagued by a series of setbacks. Some purification seems necessary to drive away evil spirit?

Around 11,000 Olympians and 4,400 Paralympians are expected to come to Japan, with several thousands of officials, administrators, broadcasters due to arrive Tokyo in a week or so. I went to Narita Airport to see the situation but it was quiet and few people around.

We hope all the athletes can do their best in the Games and the Tokyo 2020 would show resilience in the face of adversity.

July 3:

There was a soggy start to July as the rainy season continues in Tokyo.

Historic rainfall and landslide hit Tokai region last night.

The weather has been unsettled these days with rain and sunshine coming one right after the other.

By the end of the month, however, the rain will disappear and the weather will turn hot in Tokyo.

Although the Olympic Games are less than three weeks away, coronavirus cases are still rising in Tokyo and other major cities. Our concern on pandemic remains.

Nevertheless, we hope the Games are conducted smoothly and safely and that Japan proves its capabilities by executing this difficult task.

Today I saw Tanabata decorations for the first time this summer. We celebrate Tanabata by writing our wishes on a piece of paper and hanging it from bamboo tree.

Summer in Tokyo can be pretty intense. As the temperature soars above 35℃, the humidity about 80% is the real killer.

How can you deal with the heat and stay cool? Most important of all, you should keep hydrated.

Drink a lot of water!

July 29: Kutani Ware at Fumitsuya Sake shop at Midtown Tokyo in Roppongi. I happend to find these Kutami wares by Kyoko Tanabe on the way to Hokusai exhibition.gn.